Welcome To Eastern German Shepherd Rescue

Funded entirely by donations and run by volunteers Eastern German Shepherd Rescue (EGSR) is a not for profit charitable organisation which has been set up to rescue and rehome unwanted and abandoned German Shepherd Dogs in the East of England    . 

We promote responsible dog ownership in order to reduce the number of German Shepherd Dogs coming into rescue and we are committed to offering support and guidance to German Shepherd Dog owners having problems with their dog. EGSR is run by experienced German Shepherd Dog owners who have worked in rescue for a number of years. We are supported by a great team of volunteers who work together to help achieve our goals.

Times are hard and emergencies arise so EGSR are in the proces of building up a network of fosterers to offer temporary foster care for those owners who need it, rather than having to permenantly part with their beloved pets during difficult periods in their lives. For more information on fostering please visit our Volunteer/Fostering page EGSR works with other rescues in the hope that we can make a real difference. There are so many dogs and their owners needing help in so many different ways, we try to be flexible and will do what we can to help.