About EGSR

Who we are Eastern German Shepherd Rescue.

Eastern German Shepherd Rescue is a family run Norfolk based charity supporting all German Shepherd Dogs (Alsatians) in need. EGSR is funded entirely by your generous help and donations and run entirely by volunteers. We are a not for profit charitable organisation which has been set up to help rescue and rehome any German Shepherd Dogs in need from around the East of England region.

EGSR are passionate about promoting responsible dog ownership not only to help reduce the number of German Shepherd Dogs coming into our rescue, but also to support all German Shepherd owners from puppy to golden oldie.

How we help.

Eastern German shepherd Rescue are committed to offering support and guidance on all aspects of German Shepherd Dog ownership from helping people get their dog(s) over small problems, to helping and rehabilitating dog that could be considered dangerous. EGSR is run by experienced German Shepherd Dog owners who have considerable experience working with all types of GSD’s.Don’t be afraid to contact us if you need our help as we will always do our best and we don’t judge anyone.

We only exist thanks to a great support network of volunteers and charitable partnerships that give us the ability to help any dogs in need.

Our team here at EGSR fully understand that at owning a GSD can become difficult and unforeseen emergencies arise from time to time. But EGSR are here to help. We are currently in the process of building up a network of fosterers to offer emergency or temporary foster care for those owners who are in need. This way we can keep families together and gives an opportunity to avoid the heartbreaking decision to permanently part with their beloved pets during difficult periods in their lives.

We are always looking for new people to get involved with us here a EGSR so if you would like more information on working with us please visit our

I would like to Volunteer or I would like to help by Fostering page’s

EGSR also works with a number of other rescues in the hope that we can make a real difference to any dog’s life when they are in need. There are so many dogs in need and we try to be their for them when they do. But we are also here their owners that may only require bit of help in so many different ways, to keep their family together and this is where we promise to always try and be flexible and will do whatever we can to help.

Eastern German Shepherd Rescue