Owning A GSD

Owning A GSD

German Shepherd Dogs are one of the most loyal and devoted dogs that you could own. They are, however, not for everyone; They are physically very strong, need plenty of exercise, good leadership and training. They shed their hair constantly and love to get messy!


German Shepherd dogs make great family pets. Due to the unknown background of some of the dogs we help we usually recommend that children are over the age of 7yrs old but we do take each case on its own individual merits especially if younger children have had previous experience with German Shepherds

Taking on a German Shepherd Dog is a big commitment and should not be taken lightly. Please ensure that your entire family is happy with your proposed new addition before you take it home. Once you adopt from us we will offer you support to ease you through the settling in period. Your new dog will take time to adjust and needs to have the chance to come to terms with his/her new surroundings, new people, other dogs and other pets etc.. There will always be teething problems but we can help guide you through these.

A German Shepherd Dog will be your best friend, given the chance…..